Hiller Hummel Orthodontics offers treatments for orthodontic problems common to children, including thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. We invite you to call us at 225-924-7367 to schedule your child’s appointment with our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Michael Hiller and Dr. Brooks Hummel, and to learn more about treatments for thumb sucking and tongue thrusting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are oral conditions common to children. While many children suck their thumbs or thrust out their tongues naturally, these two habits should disappear as their development progresses. If they do not disappear, they can cause a number of oral and dental problems later in life, including obstructed airways, deformed bone or teeth structures, problems with skeletal development, and bad bites.

There are a variety of home remedies to correct thumb sucking, such as having a child wear gloves or coating the fingers with a bitter-tasting substance. However, if the habit persists, we recommend that you seek orthodontic treatment. Likewise, if your child does not grow out of tongue thrusting, make an appointment with our orthodontists. Corrective treatments for thumb sucking and tongue thrusting may include the use of special appliances.

When you visit our office, our orthodontists will carefully evaluate your child’s oral health to determine the most effective treatment, and will provide you with information about your child’s oral health and treatment.

We welcome you to contact our practice for more information and schedule your child’s appointment with our orthodontists.