Orthodontics Can Improve Your Oral Health

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If you have crooked teeth, unusual bite patterns, or pain in your jaw, perhaps orthodontics are right for you. Orthodontic treatment is an excellent option for aligning your smile and improving your oral health. To help you understand more, our orthodontist Dr. Michael Hiller, is happy to talk to you how orthodontics can improve your oral health.

Boosting the appearance of your smile can improve your self-esteem in both your personal life and career. Having your teeth aligned and in the proper place can improve your oral health, and the ideal alignment can make it easier for your brush and dental floss to clean.

Misalignments in your jaw can over time put a strain on the muscles in your face and joints in your jaw, known as the TMJ’s. When your TMJ’s are strained, they become painful and can give you painful headaches too. If your teeth are not aligned accurately, the rubbing and clenching that happen each day can over time will put a strain on your tooth enamel which will increase cavities and other oral health problems leading to painful and costly effects.

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