Oral Health Tips for Teens

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Being a teen isn’t easy. The physical, social and emotional changes that come with growing up can be rather difficult to navigate. Your teen years are also the time when your permanent teeth and bite become set for life. They therefore must be cared for delicately. That way they can serve you well for the rest of your life. Here are some tips for having a healthy mouth while you are a teen:

– The last of your permanent adult teeth grow in your teen years. Wisdom teeth are notorious for growing in incorrectly and causing malocclusions. Consider looking into removing them to prevent a malocclusion.
– Your smile is at risk as a teen thanks to contact sports and similar high-risk activities, so always remember to use the appropriate safety gear and equipment.
– You’re probably all too familiar with peer pressure to smoke. These bad habits usually start in teenage years and once they start, it can be very hard to quit. Avoid tobacco at all costs.
– Avoid illegal drugs. They may seem cool, but the truth is that they not only damage your teeth and gums but your physical, mental and emotional life as well.
– Avoid lip and tongue jewelry. It’s actually a serious oral health hazard; it can chip and crack teeth, break off and become a choking hazard, and even lead to infections and disease.

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