Ceramic Braces Are More Discrete

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Traditional braces are typically the best way to correct the alignment issues with your teeth. Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of the appearance of braces. In a situation like this, ceramic braces are a good option. These braces are made out of a dental-grade durable ceramic that is designed to match the shade of your tooth enamel.

It’s important to know that your braces will need a little of extra tender loving care. If any piece of orthodontic hardware is bent, loosened, or damaged it will likely increase the total duration of time needed to achieve your ideal smile. Certain foods and bad habits can damage your braces. Chewing gum and eating sticky foods like caramel or Laffy-Taffy can become stuck in the wires and bands, bending and even breaking them. This may also happen when chewing hard foods, hard candy or crunching down on ice.

The ceramic material of these braces will not be as receptive to stains as your natural tooth enamel. If your teeth become stained from dark beverages and tobacco use, your teeth will no longer match. You may want to drink dark beverages through a straw, abstain from tobacco and cut back on certain dark foods such as chocolate and blackberries.

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