Can Sugarless Gum Truly Fight Cavities?

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Can sugarless gum truly fight cavities? Chewing sugarless gum for about 20 minutes after eating can help guard your tooth enamel. The benefits mean an increase in saliva production, which can wash away plaque buildup, neutralize harmful acids, and prevent cavities. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind about when you can add sugarless gum to your oral healthcare routine:

– Sugarless gum helps clear away chewy or sticky leftover food particles from your meals.

– Several studies report that sugarless gum will fight heartburn and its detrimental effects to your esophagus and mouth.

– If you tend to have any jaw pain when eating or if you have a known TMJ disorder, you will want to avoid chewing gum.

– Even if you are using supplemental cleaning tools like sugarless gum or mouthwash, you never should skip daily oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing,

– Instead of brushing your teeth directly after meals or snacks, chew sugarless gum instead. If you brush within 30 minutes of eating acidic or sugary foods, the acids in your mouth can damage your tooth enamel.

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