Congratulations To All Our New Smiles!

We love to see the beautiful smiles we have created! Congratulations to all our newest debands! Don’t forget to wear those retainers! 😀  

Keep It In The Family!

Congratulations to sisters Anna and Emma for both completing orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hiller! We love to create beautiful smiles for the whole family!!

Congratulations Annie!

Congratulations Annie! You guessed the closest number of jellies in the jar! Annie’s guess was 1492 and the actual number was 1409! We hope you enjoy that fabulous jar of jelly beans and the itunes gift card! Everyone stay tuned for the next Hiller contest!

We’ve Recently Moved!!

Hiller Orthodontics has recently moved from our long time location at Woman’s Hospital, to our temporary location at 8202 Kelwood Ave.! Our practice will be in this location for the next six to nine months while a new state of the art office is being built and outfitted. We are excited about these changes that give us the opportunity… Read more »

Hiller Orthodontics is now in Prairieville!

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More awesome smiles just in time for the holidays!

Be careful what you eat during Trick or Treat!

If you wear braces it is important that you avoid  candy and treats that are gooey, sticky, or gummy.  Starbursts, Laffy Taffy, Airheads, Now and Laters, bubble gum, and popcorn balls can break your braces.  Give that stuff to your parents.  

Happy Halloween! Even our pumpkins get straight teeth!

A Hiller smile in Hollywood

Congratulations Randall on your major motion picture debut.  

Who wouldn’t want a smile like this…?