New Hiller Smiles!!

We love taking braces off in time for school to start! Show off your beautiful smiles!!          

New Office Coming Soon!!!

Our sign is up on Sherwood Commons to mark the future home for Hiller Orthodontics! We are so excited to show progress at our new office location and will continue to post updates as soon as we can! Thank you for your support during this transition period!

Newest Summer Grins!

Who wouldn’t want smiles like these? We love our newest Hiller graduates!      

Get To Know Our Staff!

Gina Phelps has worked for Dr. Hiller for 6 years! In her free time she likes to cook and spend time with her family. She even brings her treats into the office! Her funniest story while working was when Dr. Hiller ate her lunch and left money on her desk for it! “He said it… Read more »

Summer Smiles Part II

More fabulous smiles for the summer! Congratulations to our newest Hiller graduates!

Summer Smiles!

Here are some brand new Hiller smiles just in time for the summer! Congratulations everyone!

Mother’s Day Braces!

We hope all of our moms had a happy Mother’s Day! Ms. Patti Hiller is our resident “office mom”. She had her first set of braces at 50 and wears our clarity advanced braces beautifully! Bring mom to your next appointment to see how adult braces can work for her!

Get To Know Our Staff!

Robbin Denny has worked for Dr. Hiller for 16 years! In her free time, she loves to watch movies. Robbin says her funniest memory on the job was while she was working on a patient and missed her chair when she tried to sit down! Something patients might not know about Robbin is that she is a… Read more »

Congratulations To All Our New Smiles!

We love to see the beautiful smiles we have created! Congratulations to all our newest debands! Don’t forget to wear those retainers! 😀  

Keep It In The Family!

Congratulations to sisters Anna and Emma for both completing orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hiller! We love to create beautiful smiles for the whole family!!