The sweet trick-or-treaters were out and about on this beautiful fall day! We had special visitors today at our office from Woman's Hospital and St. Lillian's Academy! Happy Hillerween!

Get To Know Our Staff!

Ms. Melinda has been with Hiller Orthodontics for 4 years! In her free time, she LOVES to play with her cats and dogs, but also enjoys to read and travel. Her most recent adventure was to Jamaica! She is also an amazing gardener. She keeps our office beautiful by planting flowers and weeding... Read more »

Check-in for a Chap Stick!

They have arrived!! "Check-in" on our Facebook page when you come to our office for your appointment and receive a free Hiller chap stick!! Mmmm minty fresh!! :)

No More Brace Face!!

  Here are some of our newest Hiller Graduates! Look at those fabulous smiles :)

New Hiller Smiles!!

We love taking braces off in time for school to start! Show off your beautiful smiles!!          

New Office Coming Soon!!!

Our sign is up on Sherwood Commons to mark the future home for Hiller Orthodontics! We are so excited to show progress at our new office location and will continue to post updates as soon as we can! Thank you for your support during this transition period!

Newest Summer Grins!

Who wouldn't want smiles like these? We love our newest Hiller graduates!      

Get To Know Our Staff!

Gina Phelps has worked for Dr. Hiller for 6 years! In her free time she likes to cook and spend time with her family. She even brings her treats into the office! Her funniest story while working was when Dr. Hiller ate her lunch and left money on her desk... Read more »